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Housing and interior design projects (for other projects ask for individual quote )

Building Survey:

Our survey assesses the condition of a property or land to advise on future acquisition, refurbishment or expansion project. The session lasts 1 hour.
No documents will be issued other than those produced during the meeting.

Fee : fixed €100 Exc. VAT

Feasibility study with documents provided:

With this study we confirm whether the proposed building work complies with local planning regulations (PLU analysis (Local Town Planning), meeting with the local Urbanism Department) and also assess the compatibility of the project with the technical characteristics of the site or existing building. A first project sketch is provided as well as an estimate of the total cost of the works.

Fee : €1,200 Exc. VAT – to be deduced from the final fee if the clients wish to proceed with an architect project (see below)




  • A full architectural mission is divided into three parts, which will be charged at 12 % of the total cost. You can choose to work with us on the whole project or one of the three parts only.
The three parts of a project are organised as follows:

1 st Step – Sketch / Draft programme / Planning application (30% of quote)

  • Set of scaled, hand drawn sketch plans
  • Planning application
  • Paperwork advice

(The fees are calculated on the basis of the first quote)

2 nd Step – Tender documents (30% of quote)

  • Creation of the bill of specifications and schedule of works
  • Advice regarding your choice of contractors
  • Establishment of works contracts

(The fees are calculated on the basis of the first quote)

3 rd Step – Construction supervision and project management (40% of quote)

  • Site supervision: one on-site meeting every week
  • Project monitoring
  • Coordination of the contractors and support during construction and until official acceptance of work

(Fees for this step are adjusted according to the final costs validated after tender)


1 st Step – Building Survey meeting as described above.

2 nd Step – Study and conception of your interior design project

  • Floor space ≤ 60 m² 60 € / M²
  • Any additional floor space between 61 and 120 m² is charged at 50 € / M²
  • Further floor space ≥ 121 m² is charged at 40 € / M²

3 rd Step – Interior design works supervision and project management, contractors and orders monitoring, purchase and final layout management.

  • Under 60 000 € 9 % of works total cost
  • From 60 000 € to 120 000 € 8 % of works total cost
  • Over 120 000 € 7 % of works total cost