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House L

Date : 2009

Location : Arbonne

Floor space:300 m2 (3,229 sq ft)



This house presents the characteristics of traditional Basque houses along with a modern plan comprising large open spaces.

The contemporary architecture of this building brings out and keeps alive the traditional heritage, dismissing the idea of using faux Basque features. Our aim for the design is to simply be in keeping with tradition. The house makes use of simple contemporary volumes and efficient modern materials which keeps nostalgic architectural methods at a distance.

The house is built on top of a hill and its Southern façade is largely open so as to bring the maximum amount of light to the rooms inside. This façade is shaped by vertical lines.

On the other side, the Northern façade is closed. The utility rooms located on this side of the house act as a partitioning zone. The concrete wall gives a robust feeling to the house.

The visual impact of the covered parking space is limited by the presence of a flat green roof.