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K Farm

Date : 2012

Location : Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle

Floor space:860 m2 (9,257 sq ft)



‘ Tradition is not – as one might think – the testimony of the past that we preserve in order to protect our identity, but it gives us a direction for the future. The quality of the relationship to the tradition depends on the richness of the message we transmit to future generations.’ Tadao Ando


The original building was formed of the main farmhouse with its outbuildings and a detached barn. The project was to restructure the site in order to create a family residence composed of various living quarters.

The new premises were designed to form a ‘hamlet’ around the existing farmhouses, looking down the surrounding landscape.


In our approach we used contemporary architectural methods to bring out and keep alive the traditional heritage, dismissing the idea of using faux Basque features.

Therefore, the design of the new buildings is not such as to mimic the past in a ‘neo-Basque’ style, rather to simply be in keeping with the cultural heritage. The house makes use of simple contemporary volumes and efficient modern materials which keeps nostalgic architectural methods at a distance. For the extension of the main building, the original parts were regarded as a blank canvas, ready to host new contemporary ideas. The new space is orientated around a patio, bringing light and transparency to the old house.